Visiting Strip Clubs in Houston, TX

Visited Strip Clubs in Houston

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As I said in an earlier post, I was back on my blog-ish. I recently visited H-town and Houston has quite the nightlife. People have certain ideas about what life in Texas is like. However, larger cities like Houston are going to be subtly different than many of the others that people are going to find in Texas. Almost anything that can be done in New York City can be done in Houston. Here, people will learn about the three main elements of the Houston nightlife, including bars, dancing and live music opportunities, and strip clubs. People can learn about how the local individuals spend their time and night and how tourists and new people in Houston can enjoy the scene. People who have only just turned twenty-one might be excited about all of the new opportunities that are going to open up for them at last as well.

Bars in Houston

Houston has no shortage of bars. This is a city that is known for its sports fans and its sports bars. Many of them are going to be open fairly late for sports fans everywhere. There are also plenty of bars there that have signature cocktails that people can enjoy, of course. People who want to be able to enjoy wine bars that have a certain sophistication are going to be able to find them in Houston just as easily as they are going to be able to find sports bars and the sorts of bars where anyone is going to feel like cutting loose. Alice’s Tall Texan is a great place to go for the people who want great beer. 1919 Wine and Mixology is a great place for the people who want to broaden their palates.

Houston Night Life

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Dancing and Live Music in Houston

Houston attracts plenty of great musicians. It may not be known for that sort of thing in the manner of a city like Seattle, but there are still plenty of musicians from Houston and musicians who want to be able to perform in Houston. There are plenty of bars and clubs where dancing is popular, and plenty of bars and clubs that have a tendency to feature a lot of live music shows. Some places are going to focus more on the dancing than the music, and visa versa. The Alley Kat Bar & Lounge is a great choice for the people who love dancing and live music of all kinds.

Strip Clubs in Houston

There are lots of adult entertainment centers in Houston. Many people are going to see strip clubs referred to as adult entertainment centers, so it is useful to at least be familiar with the terminology. There will be lots of different strip clubs in Houston, and they will all vary somewhat in terms of the exact nature of the services that they provide.

Some strip clubs are going to feature dancers who are doing old-fashioned burlesque shows, so they are going to feature ‘gowns’ that are less skimpy than what people will often see and they will perform on stage. In some cases, the women are going to be completely nude, and in other cases, they will only be mostly nude. Lap dances will be common at certain adult entertainment centers but not others, and it is important to not make assumptions about the availability one way or another. The Men’s Club is a popular example of a Houston strip club, and a lot of people are going to enjoy the services that they provide there.

Most places are not going to let patrons touch the dancers, but some of them will under certain circumstances. The clubs usually serve alcohol, but this is not a guarantee. Most of the time, people are going to need to be twenty-one or over in order to go to the strip clubs in Houston.

Houston is not without its great night life opportunities. People can go to bars that are all over the scale economically. There are lots of opportunities for people to go dancing. There are also plenty of adult entertainment centers that are available in Houston. This may not be a city that is specifically known for its night life, but there are still plenty of opportunities available for the people who really like to explore the night life of all different cities.

Back On My Blog Ish

Life can literally get in the way of so many things if you don’t tell life who is boss. In the case of my life and this blog it took a major back seat to what was going on in my life. Like I know that literally no one but my grandmother reads my blog posts but I feel it is my duty to give grandma some reading material whilst she handles her morning stool issue.

The Big Announcement

So with that being said I am announcing my attempt to get back into blogging. I recently had an experience with a gentleman’s club in the great state of Texas I wan’t to tell my grandmother about. So I shall. Stay tuned to this channel for a few posts about the daily thoughts and goings on of a pro blogger!

The Best Oster Hair Clippers


We here at Kuris appreciate technology that lasts. Rather than crap out on you the minute you buy them, certain Oster hair clippers go the distance. When buying hair clippers we look for certain things in the motor, casing and blades. They have to be made of a certain material and built with a certain quality. This way we can know that it was built to last rather than built to fail. Oster usually does just that when it comes to their hair clippers. We have not purchased a pair yet that has failed to the point we have to replace the whole set.


oster-clipperOster Hair Clipper Blades

The sharpness of the blades is very important as a dull bad will likely ware out and break in a short amount of time. The material the blades are made from also determines the amount of time they will last. When it comes to Oster hair clippers like the Oster classic 76 they were designed to do just that, last. The Oster Classic 76 hair clippers have been around for a very long time. They were one of the originals to build a professional quality hair clipper. It is with this knowledge that we know how long they have been creating quality products as the overall design of the hair clippers hasn’t changed much in decades.

Oster Hair Clipper Motor

The strength and durability of the hair clipper motor has to be on point. The motor has to run for hours on end if the barber is cutting in a professional setting. The way it is built determines the amount of time the clippers will last. If a motor is built badly it will crap out on you. This is common law. With planned obsolescence you have to watch out for things like this. These companies make crappy things just so you have to buy them again in the future.

Oster Hair Clipper Guide Combs

The guide combs that most Oster clippers come with are very important. If at any point in time the guard combs break, you are stuck with a useless set of clippers. Grant it you could just cut hair to a different length but who wants to do that? The best guide combs are built from a durable plastic that can last for many hair cutting sessions. Be sure to check out reviews of the hair clipper guide combs to look out for any warnings of breakage among them. If they break often you want to stay away from them at all cost.

General Thoughts on Planned Obsolescence

For those of you who are not in the know, companies create things to fail to fatten their wallets. This is essentially the reason for planned obsolescence. Create something to fail so when you sell it the consumer will have to buy another within a short amount of time. Instead of making vacuums to last 20 years like they used to someone got wise and said”hey if we don’t use the best quality parts this vacuum won’t last as long and they will have to buy another one”. This guy was a genius and a butt hole all in one. I blame that guy for the reason landfills are the way they are. I blame him for the exorbitant amount of personal debt I have. Yes it’s that guys fault I have to buy a new television every month. Check out the video to learn more.