20-Day IO Graph Kuris

This awesome artwork is submitted by Jehzeel Laurente. It’s the mouse path outcome after 20 days of using his laptop’s track pad. The art work above is produced by the handy-dandy IO Graph software. It’s a cross-platform program. It captures all your mouse movement and draws them on a blank canvas. You can make your awesome Kuris Kuris too by downloading the IO Graph software here. It’s available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux! Let’s unleash the artist within us and show the world how talented we are!

Artist: Jehzeel Laurente
Date Created: June 27, 2010
Medium: IO Graph
Inspiration: Trackpad

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3 Responses to “20-Day IO Graph Kuris”

  1. evelyn h laurente Says:

    Aw! Aweful.. Ah, Awesome pala, hehe..

  2. dasuiword Says:

    wow! i am learning to visualize kuriskuris at this time..ita not really a dirty job at all as what children are doing most of the time..thank you for that mind opener..

  3. Dannel Says:

    wow kuya jes.. amazing as always.. hehehe ^_^ yos!

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