The Best Oster Hair Clippers


We here at Kuris appreciate technology that lasts. Rather than crap out on you the minute you buy them, certain Oster hair clippers go the distance. When buying hair clippers we look for certain things in the motor, casing and blades. They have to be made of a certain material and built with a certain quality. This way we can know that it was built to last rather than built to fail. Oster usually does just that when it comes to their hair clippers. We have not purchased a pair yet that has failed to the point we have to replace the whole set.


oster-clipperOster Hair Clipper Blades

The sharpness of the blades is very important as a dull bad will likely ware out and break in a short amount of time. The material the blades are made from also determines the amount of time they will last. When it comes to Oster hair clippers like the Oster classic 76 they were designed to do just that, last. The Oster Classic 76 hair clippers have been around for a very long time. They were one of the originals to build a professional quality hair clipper. It is with this knowledge that we know how long they have been creating quality products as the overall design of the hair clippers hasn’t changed much in decades.

Oster Hair Clipper Motor

The strength and durability of the hair clipper motor has to be on point. The motor has to run for hours on end if the barber is cutting in a professional setting. The way it is built determines the amount of time the clippers will last. If a motor is built badly it will crap out on you. This is common law. With planned obsolescence you have to watch out for things like this. These companies make crappy things just so you have to buy them again in the future.

Oster Hair Clipper Guide Combs

The guide combs that most Oster clippers come with are very important. If at any point in time the guard combs break, you are stuck with a useless set of clippers. Grant it you could just cut hair to a different length but who wants to do that? The best guide combs are built from a durable plastic that can last for many hair cutting sessions. Be sure to check out reviews of the hair clipper guide combs to look out for any warnings of breakage among them. If they break often you want to stay away from them at all cost.