DSi Colors Kuris

kuris dsi
Here’s another awesome masterpiece from Jehzlau. A kuris kuris artwork using DS Colors in Nintendo DSi. There’s not much to say, I’m really speechless. The art work is undoubtedly a masterpiece beyond human and alien imagination. It was inspired by his white DSi stylus. What’s amazing is even if the stylus was white, you can draw black lines. You can make it thick and thin and you can make it fade while doing some random strokes. You can even erase it by just pressing the clear button in your DSi. It’s really awesome, nuff said.

Author: Jehzeel Laurente
Date Created: October 5, 2009
Medium: DS Colors in Nintendo DSi
Inspiration: The DSi Stylus

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2 Responses to “DSi Colors Kuris”

  1. Xef Ladrero Says:

    Hmm… It is good. Another masterpiece. Bravo! Pero ewan lang ha… nung first ko sya na nakita, parang ang violent ng image. Wahahah. Pero looking at it longer, di pala. :P Good one!

  2. Meynard Says:

    Hmmm…. looks nice! I love it. I hope I can do that too. :D

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