First TX2Z Kuris

This is the first kuris kuris art work by Jehzeel Laurente using his new HP TX2Z Tablet PC. This is just another awesome kuris kuris artwork drawn for only 57 seconds. The kuris kuris above is an anomymous manga character. The artist can’t think of a name and he just made this out of boredom while waiting for the files to be completed while transferring to a new server via FTP.

Artist: Jehzeel Laurente
Date Created: January 18, 2009
Medium: Tablet PC + Adobe Photoshop
Inspiration: FTP + Boredom

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  2. Wes Fox Says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for. My wife & I will be retiring to Panglao in the Philippines in 3 years and I am very interested in Philippine art. There seems to be very little on the internet concerning Pinoy art. Can you point me toward more information?


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