Kuris Kuris Tree

A breathtaking and fascinating nature-inspired artwork submitted by Arno Hiquiana. It’s an abstract illustration of a peaceful forest with a single tree, surrounded by myriads of unknown plant species. This kuris kuris artwork is yet another masterpiece that has a profound meaning presented in a simple, yet complex collaboration of strokes, hues, and random uneven curved lines.

Artist: Arno Hiquiana
Date Created: July 20, 2010
Medium: Windows 7 Paintbrush
Inspiration: A Tree

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4 Responses to “Kuris Kuris Tree”

  1. Dannel Says:

    galing galing naman ni noynoy.. mana kay kuya jes, hahahaha ^_^

  2. Unno Says:

    Wow… hahah.

  3. jehzlau Says:

    one of the best art works ever!!! :D

  4. ray ban Says:

    Wow! This is such a beautiful photo! I love how soft the photo is.
    Also, I love her bed!! It’s so pretty!

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